20 Extra Strength Gel Caps



Eatwhatever® is a fast-acting breath freshener for confident, kissable and clean-tasting breath. Quickly fix bad breath from the inside out.


Our Gel Caps are made with organic Peppermint, Parsley Seed and Sunflower Oils that dissolve in your stomach within minutes to help make your breath fresh. No harsh chemicals or ingredients!

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The natural breath fresheners of Parsley Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil and Sunflower Oil in the Eatwhatever® Gel Cap work in the stomach to help eliminate offensive odors from food, garlic and onions, smoking and morning breath.

Each small pack of Eatwhatever® has 20 Gel Caps that easily fits into your pocket, purse, travel bag or briefcase.

Whether you work closely with people or are going out on a romantic date, feel confident with Eatwhatever®. You can enjoy the garlic and other odorous foods that you love without the fear of bad breath.


“@JulieChang just turned me on to @eatwhatever! Love this stuff. Always kissable now ;-)”

Sean McAllister ‏@SeanFOX5

“Love eatwhatever! I never leave the house without eatwhatever no matter if I am going to meet a client or out at night…it’s a quick fix and your breath stays fresh for hours and hours! To me – Everyone should use it as I am crazy watching people chew gum like cows all over town”

Julia, Interior Designer with “always fresh eatwhatever breath”, New York

“EatWhatever is the best – I carry them with me wherever I travel and they are one of my more essential accessories. They are the perfect accompaniment to a night out or a weekend away – I don’t leave home without them”

Anne Vincent, Vogue, New York

“After my daily organic juice of various greens, radishes, and beets – I pop my Eatwhatever, nothing better”

Antony Todd, events and interior design guru, New York

“For those who want that fresh kissable breath all the time, guys gotta get this called (stuff) eat-whatever, eatwhatever.com.”

Ryan Lochte, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, Florida

“It’s fabulous!”

Robert Verdi, American TV personality and style expert, New York

“Not only am i obsessed with eatwhatever (each of my bags has a stash in them) but now all of my friends have become obsessed with them. When i tell them that you can eat a garlicky meal, pop the organic pills and then burp mint all night they stare at me like i’m crazy. Then they try it and the rest is history. Don’t leave home without your eatwhatevers!”

Lara, PR guru who hates bad breath Bandler, New York

“Fresh breath and dental care go hand in hand, but when it is food related, Eatwhatever is the way to go”

Miami Beach’s Top cosmetic dentist Dr. Hamid Nassery

“I have IBS which results in halitosis. I tried this product and now I feel confident around women and don’t have to worry about bad breath. Before your product I tried everything since bad breath comes from the stomach and not necessarily from the teeth (though allot of people don’t know that). I can brush my teeth and floss 10 times a day and still have bad breath. But thank god that he inspired you to make eat whatever seriously I am so thankful to you. It has changed my life so much whenever I need some good breath!! Thank you !!!”

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